Inspired by generations of travel and exploration; of family lore and the inexplicable way that stories, fashion, and tastes are passed down through the generations. The Maxotto brand represents the reverence and remembrance of those that have come before and paved the way for this stylish endeavor.

Maxotto reflects the gentleman and ladies who are meticulous about their appearance and understand the power of great style.

Inspired by the best of European fashion, this initial collection by Maxotto was borne from a desire to curate the finest aspects of craftsmanship available. At every stage of the design process, the very best artisans in the industry were singled out to produce an attractive, wearable work of art.

This initial collection by Maxotto reflects the distinctive style and unsurpassed quality representative of the brand.

Made for those whom have an appreciation for premium style and what careful attention to detail can produce.


Family heritage

The name Maxotto is the combination of Maximilian and Otto, the founders Great Grandfather and Grandfathers first names.

Maxotto is the inspiration and namesake of the Company.

The Maxotto Man

The Maxotto man is a hero and influencer. He navigates through various situations in life with class, style and panache.

He is the man that has strength when facing challenges, confidence, respect for others and the wisdom to lead by example.

He is a Gentleman who is meticulous about his appearance and understands the power of great style.

Rather than get lost in the crowd, he dresses to be seen.

Fabrice is our Maxotto Man


The Founder


Our Founder Brett lived an experience that was worlds away from that of his Grandfather and Great Grandfather generations before.

With his passion for the arts, theatre, and fashion, he decided he wanted to be a part of the fashion industry one day.

Blue on Black

The Marque Chelsea Cap Toe

Maxotto reflects the timeless beauty, rich European heritage, artistry, expertise and skill combined with a fresh perspective to inspire men to make their mark, and step out of the ordinary.


The 80's

Blue Suede Shoes

Andy Warhol was at the height of his fame

Studio 54 in New York was the hotest nightclub in the World.

In Melbourne, it was Sheiks nightclub

In London, the Hippodrome

The President Model

Made for the Maxotto Man who radiate Influence, dynamism, regency and impecable taste


The Travels

Our founder was fascinated and fell in love with a world of which he had never seen before, spending the majority of his life traveling the world.

One who has not traveled has not yet been educated

The Time

How time fly's!

Maxotto Watches coming soon!


The Exploration

To the fashion HQ’s of Europe, exploring Milan, London, Paris, Barcelona and many other beautiful cosmopolitan cities or Europe, our founder was on a mission to work with the finest of Europe’s offerings in fashion for Men and Women around the world.

The Londoner Model in Blackberry Patina


Debonair movie stars like: Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, Humphry Bogart, Gregory Peck, Errol Flynn have all been sources of inspiration behind the Maxotto brand.

The Carlyle model in Steel Blue Patina


The Branding and photography

Working with a stellar Branding and Creative Director from Cannes, France, our style was created to represent Maxotto today.

Turin, Italy provided a special backdrop location to photograph Maxotto’s first collection at the famous Hotel Sitea.

Maxotto simply equals classical craftsmanship with revolutionary style. The result of this union is an initial collection of elegant and refined, yet edgy, classy footwear for men.