The Maxotto Man

First impressions

Always meticulous about his appearance, the Maxotto Man (Gentleman) understands the power of great style. Elegant, well-apportioned, and unafraid to stand out, he has the conviction to wear statement pieces that make others take notice. Rather than get lost in the crowd, he dresses to be seen.

This initial collection by Maxotto reflects the distinctive style and unsurpassed quality representative of the brand.

Gentlemen, please remember there is just no excuse to wear unfashionable shoes.

Our Maxotto Man is Fabrice

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The Artisans

At every stage of the design process, the very best artisans in the industry were singled out to produce an attractive, wearable work of art. The meticulously designed lasts were created alongside the finest last makers in Italy to provide the perfect structure, fit, and appearance of the shoes. Patina artists were consulted to get the beautiful and unique finishes on the various styles and models.

Embodying style with distinction, Maxotto crafts elegantly designed special occasion footwear for gentlemen who dare to be seen.

Our Story


Our shoes were created and designed with culture and heritage in mind. Culture, fashion and history go hand in hand. Maxotto’s shoes are sophisticated, elegant, classy and slightly edgy. They don’t need to only be worn to the office, wear them on any ordinary day. As anyone, men need to be dressed well, starting with your shoes.

The carefully curated range includes shoes for any special occasion, but if you want something unique Maxotto also offers a Limited Edition Collection as well.


Movie stars

Who would you say was the most debonair movie star of all time? Was it Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Rock Hudson or Carey Grant? All of these movie stars were impressive and sophisticated in their own right.

We just wish they were around today to be wearing a pair of Maxotto shoes

Inspired by men who dare to make their mark, and step out of the ordinary


Maxotto woman

First impressions are everything. No matter what people say, people judge a book by its cover.

The Maxotto woman is judging you by the shoes you wear!.

It’s one of the main reasons why we started the brand.

We had a deep desire to create a brand that combined classical craftsmanship with revolutionary style. The result of this union is an initial collection of elegant and refined, yet edgy classy footwear for men that women just LOVE!.

Our Priorities

dare to be seen

Our Signature Models, are exclusively made in Italy, Spain & Portugal, Goodyear Welted, made from the finest leathers from the best tanneries in Italy And France. With Fiddleback Arch Soles.

Presenting a line of beautiful patinas, the Maxotto brand accentuates the artful lines of its form. The fluidity of the shape has been meticulously refined and designed to garner attention but never take away focus from the wearer.

Perfect for the most special of occasions, will provide a sleek finishing touch to the finest ensemble.